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  • Familiarize children with classroom activities and the school setting (i.e. how to sit in a circle, use scissors, and raise their hand to be called upon).

  • Assist students with overcoming fear of being away from home and starting school.

  • Build important skills needed for entering kindergarten.

  • Improve their communication skills. 

  • Engage families early in the child’s education.


Pre-School(Ages 2.5-3.5)

AND Pre-K (Ages 3.5 - 5) 

The children who participated in our Pre-K significantly improved in all of the four main targeted areas of impact: Social Emotional, Approach to Learning, Language Skills, and Motor Skills.

The Gentlemen and Ladies Academy has a team of early childhood teaching professionals dedicated to your child’s care and education. This means that the same team daily fosters your child’s interests and talents.

Our teaching team records how your child learns, interacts and participates, so that parents and families can share in and contribute to their child’s ongoing learning journey.

At The Gentlemen and Ladies Academy, each day is exciting and new. A day may involve working on projects and investigations, exploring, communicating, sharing, creating, imagining and much more.

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At our Academy, our teachers have over 70 plus years of combined experience in a primary education setting. Their curriculum design will have your kindergarten scholar prepared to advance to 1st grade already thinking, working, and testing beyond the 1st grade level. Also at our Academy, our scholars will have instruction tailored to their individual learning needs. With of our smaller classroom sizes, our teachers are more hands-on and are able to quickly assess, diagnose, and remedy an individual scholar’s learning deficiency as well as enrich those who are learning more progressively.

We regularly take field trips, which enhance our curriculum, and we incorporate exploratory courses such as Spanish, Sign Language, Art, Dance, P.E., and Music. Our teachers also sponsor their own clubs to aide in building relationships with our scholars. Some clubs include the Rocket Readers, Dynamic Drama, Elegance in Etiquette, and Student Council and Leadership. Our school is designed to educate
the whole child so that he or she will develop into a critical thinker and problem solver on a local and
global level.

Children who participate in our kindergarten program have an opportunity to build relationships,
develop skills and learn each and every day. Children who participate in our kindergarten program will
transition more easily to elementary school and perform better.

Our Kindergarten offers a unique learning environment. Our educational program supports your child’s
development of socialization, communication, and early numeracy and literacy skills. 
Under the guidance and care of our teachers your child will:


  • Make friends and learn how to interact with other children 

  • Explore and express their creativity 

  • Connect with natural environments 

  • Build confidence and find their unique identity

  • Connect with their world through play and other activities

  • Learn to be an effective communicator and involved learner

  • Think critically and solve problems

Kindergarten Students must be 5 years old on or before August 15, 2019. The following items are

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate

  • Proof of recent medical examination

  • Tennessee Department of Health Immunization Certificate with proof of a physical examwithin 12 months prior to enrollment.

  • Social Security Card

  • If applicable, custody papers and parent plan.

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