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The Gentlemen and Ladies Academy provides before and after school tutoring and intervention services for students in alignment with the Common Core State Standards Initiative for Mathematics, English & Language Arts, and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

We support instruction, reinforce, and re-teach the Common Core State Standards for specific grade levels in the following ways:

·Mastery Strategies focus sharply on increasing students' abilities to remember and summarize. These strategies motivate by providing clear sequence, speedy feedback, and a strong sense of expanding competence and measurable success.

·Interpersonal Strategies foster students' needs to relate personally to the curriculum and each other. These strategies use teams, partnerships, and coaching to motivate students through their drive for membership and relationships.

·Understanding Strategies seek to evoke and develop students' capacities to reason and use evidence and logic. These strategies motivate by arousing curiosity through mysteries, problems, clues, and opportunities to analyze and debate.

·Self-Expressive Strategies highlight students' abilities to imagine and create. These strategies use imagery, metaphor, pattern, and “what ifs” to motivate students'drive toward individuality and

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